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Our Story

Peachoo’s journey with fashion began in 1980 in Paris, where she co-owned and designed a successful brand called Nitya. She would go on to live in Paris for another 37 years where she experimented with all sorts of cultural art forms. In 2000, after her departure from Nitya, she went on to design a collection of furnishings, objects, and sculptures under her name, Peachoo. The collection was presented at Scenes D’interiur at Maison et Objets in Paris, and exhibited in private galleries across Paris and Italy. For three years she was engaged in interior projects and exploring this aspect of her creative repertoire.

In 2003, Peachoo and a good friend decided to start a clothing brand called Peachoo+Krejberg. The clothing was very conceptual, combining a certain raw simplicity with the sophistication and expertise of two boldly innovative designers. Here, Peachoo established her proclivity to unique silhouettes and experimental combinations. Peachoo+Krejberg would go on to become members of the Chambre Syndicale and subsequently participate in Paris fashion week. The brand was sold in some of the best retailers in the world, including L’Eclaireur, Dover Street Market, I.T., Corso Como Tokyo and, Club 21.

In 2015, Peachoo relocated to India to start a fashion collection for the Indian Market.

Today, Peachoo, as a brand, is a reflection of her distinct personal experience. Her clothing is an expression of her intercultural dialogue between East and West. While her attention to sophistication, creativity and craftsmanship are influenced by a long-lasting legacy of Parisian commitment to fashion as an art form, Peachoo remains firmly rooted to her origins.

She employs traditional crafts but with a twist. The combination of handloom cottons with sophisticated beaded embroideries and traditional hand woven techniques used in untraditional colours and patterns are emblematic of her hybrid cultural sensibility. In the Indian fashion Market, Peachoo veers towards understated glamour and monochromatic colours, which is a far less represented aesthetic.

With the ability to continually reinvent her brand, by both disrupting and adapting, this is just the beginning of Peachoo’s journey in India.

11B Khan Market, New Delhi 110003

Phone Number: +919910408338 +911145321838

Hours: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

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Khan Market Address – 11B, Khan Market New Delhi 110003
Phone Number: +919910408338
Hours: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
For retail enquiries:
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